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Prenatal ultrasound findings associated with PIGW variants: One more piece in the FRYNS syndrome puzzle? PIGW-related prenatal findings.

We describe the prenatal ultrasound findings and autopsy of three fetuses with multiple congenital anomalies (MCA) whose diagnostic workup suggested the same genetic etiology. We conducted a literature review to corroborate the molecular results and find evidence that the identified variants are responsible for the phenotype seen. […] Based on the phenotypic overlap between the prenatal findings in our three cases and other cases with pathogenic variants in other genes involved in GPIBDs, we speculate that the variants identified in the three fetuses are likely causal of their phenotype and that the PIGWclinical spectrum might extend to MCA, mainly involving brain, skeletal and genitourinary systems. Moreover, we suggest that also PIGW could be involved in Fryns/Fryns-like phenotypes.