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N-Glycosylation Deficiency Reduces the Activation of Protein C and Disrupts Endothelial Barrier Integrity

Phosphomannomutase 2 (PMM2) deficiency is the most prevalent congenital disorder of glycosylation. It is associated with coagulopathy, including protein C deficiency. Since all components of the anticoagulant and cytoprotective protein C system are glycosylated, we sought to investigate the impact of an N-glycosylation deficiency on this system as a whole. To this end, we developed a PMM2 knockdown model in the brain endothelial cell line hCMEC/D3. […] Taken as a whole, our results show that the partial loss of PMM2 in hCMEC/D3 cells is associated with impaired activation of protein C and a relative increase in barrier permeability.