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Mixed-phase weak anion-exchange/reversed-phase LC-MS/MS for analysis of nucleotide sugars in human fibroblasts

Nucleotide sugars (NS) fulfil important roles in all living organisms and in humans, related defects result in severe clinical syndromes. NS can be seen as the “activated” sugars used for biosynthesis of a wide range of glycoconjugates and serve as substrates themselves for the synthesis of other nucleotide sugars. NS analysis is complicated by the presence of multiple stereoisomers without diagnostic transition ions, therefore requiring separation by liquid chromatography. In this paper, we explored weak anion-exchange/reversed-phase chromatography on a hybrid column for the separation of 17 nucleotide sugars that can occur in humans. A robust and reproducible method was established with intra- and inter-day coefficients of variation below 10% and a linear range spanning three orders of magnitude.