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Higher frequency of TEM199-CDG in the southern mediterranean area is associated with c.92G>C (p.Arg31Pro) mutation

Congenital disorders of glycosylation (CDG) are genetic multisystem diseases, characterized by defective glycoconjugate synthesis. A small number of CDG with isolated liver damage have been described, such as TMEM199-CDG, a non-encephalopathic liver disorder with Wilson disease-like phenotype. Only eight patients with TMEM199-CDG have been described including seven Europeans (originating from Greece and Italy) and one Chinese. Three patients from southern Italy (Campania) shared the same known missense mutation pathogenetic variant NM_152464.3:c. 92G > C (p.Arg31Pro), also found in a Greek patient. Here we report a new patient from southern Italy (Sicily), with a homozygous c.92G > C p.(Arg31Pro) variant in TMEM199.