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Functional prediction of the potential NGLY1 mutations associated with rare disease CDG

Genetic diseases are currently diagnosed by functional mutations. However, only some mutations are associated with disease. It is necessary to establish a quick prediction model for clinical screening. Pathogenic mutations in NGLY1 cause a rare autosomal recessive disease known as congenital disorder of deglycosylation (NGLY1-CDDG). Although NGLY1-CDDG can be diagnosed through gene sequencing, clinical relevance of a detected mutation in NGLY1 needs to be further confirmed. In this study, taken NGLY1-CDDG as an example, a comprehensive and practical predictive model for pathogenic mutations on NGLY1 through an NGLY1/Glycopeptide complex model was constructed, the binding sites of NGLY1 and glycopeptides were simulated, and an in vitro enzymatic assay system was established to facilitate quick clinical decisions for NGLY1-CDDG patients.