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Fractionated plasma N-glycan profiling of novel cohort of ATP6AP1-CDG subjects identifies phenotypic association.

ATP6AP1-CDG is an X-linked disorder typically characterized by hepatopathy, immunodeficiency and an abnormal type II transferrin glycosylation pattern. Here, we present eleven new patients and clinical updates with biochemical characterization on one previously reported patient. We also document intrafamilial phenotypic variability and atypical presentations, expanding the symptomatology of ATP6AP1-CDG to include dystonia, hepatocellular carcinoma and lysosomal abnormalities on hepatic histology. Three of our subjects received successful liver transplantation. We performed N-glycan profiling of total and fractionated plasma proteins for six patients and show associations with varying phenotypes, demonstrating potential diagnostic and prognostic value of fractionated N-glycan profiles.