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Early onset epileptic and developmental encephalopathy and MOGS variants: a new diagnosis in the whole exome sequencing (WES) ERA : Report of a new patient and review of the literature

Mannosyl-oligosaccharide glucosidase – congenital disorder of glycosylation (MOGS-CDG) is determined by biallelic mutations in the mannosyl-oligosaccharide glucosidase (glucosidase I) gene. MOGS-CDG is a rare disorder affecting the processing of N-Glycans (CDG type II) and is characterized by prominent neurological involvement including hypotonia, developmental delay, seizures and movement disorders. To the best of our knowledge, 30 patients with MOGS-CDG have been published so far. We described a child who is compound heterozygous for two novel variants in the MOGS gene.