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Development of a Fluorescence and Quencher-based FRET Assay for Detection of Endogenous Peptide:N-glycanase/NGLY1 Activity

Cytosolic peptide:N-glycanase (PNGase/NGLY1 in mammals) catalyzes deglycosylation of N-glycans on glycoproteins. A genetic disorder caused by mutations in the NGLY1 gene leads to NGLY1 deficiency, with symptoms including motor deficits and neurological problems. Effective therapies have not been established, though a recent study used the administration of an adeno-associated viral vector expressing human NGLY1 to dramatically rescue motor functions in young Ngly1-/- rats. Thus, early therapeutic intervention may improve symptoms arising from central nervous system dysfunction, and assay methods for measuring NGLY1 activity in biological samples are critical for early diagnostics. In this study, we established an assay system for plate-based detection of endogenous NGLY1 activity using a FRET-based probe