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Cysteine Pathogenic Variants of PMM2 Are Sensitive to Environmental Stress with Loss of Structural Stability

Congenital disorders of glycosylation (CDG) are severe metabolic disorders caused by an imbalance in the glycosylation pathway. Phosphomannomutase2 (PMM2-CDG), the most prevalent CDG, is mainly due to the disorder of PMM2. Pathogenic variants in cysteine have been found in various diseases, and cysteine residues have a potential as therapeutic targets. PMM2 harbor six cysteines; the variants Cys9Tyr (C9Y) and Cys241Ser (C241S) of PMM2 have been identified to associate with CDG, but the underlying molecular mechanisms remain uncharacterized. Here, we purified PMM2 wild type (WT), C9Y, and C241S to investigate their structural characteristics and biophysical properties by spectroscopic experiments under physiological temperature and environmental stress.