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Comparative proteomics reveals elevated CCN2 in NGLY1-deficient cells

N-glycanase 1(NGLY1) catalyzes the removal of N-linked glycans from newly synthesized or misfolded protein. NGLY1 deficiency is a recently diagnosed rare genetic disorder. The affected individuals present a broad spectrum of clinical features. Recent studies explored several possible molecular mechanisms of NGLY1 deficiency including defects in proteostasis, mitochondrial homeostasis, innate immunity, and water/ion transport. We demonstrate abnormal accumulation of endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation (ERAD) substrates in NGLY1-deficient cells. […] Functional assays show elevated CCN2 and over-stimulated TGF-β signaling in NGLY1-deficient cells. Given the important role of CCN2 and TGF-β pathway in mediating systemic fibrosis, we propose a potential link of increased CCN2 and TGF-β signaling to microscopic liver fibrosis in NGLY1 patients.