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Assay for the peptide:N-glycanase/NGLY1 and disease-specific biomarkers for diagnosing NGLY1 deficiency

Cytosolic peptide:N-glycanase (NGLY1 in mammals), a highly conserved enzyme in eukaryotes, catalyses the deglycosylation of N-glycans that are attached to glycopeptide/glycoproteins. In 2012, an autosomal recessive disorder related to the NGLY1 gene, which was referred to as NGLY1 deficiency, was reported. Since then, more than 100 patients have been identified. […] In this mini review, we summarize progress made in the development of various assay methods for NGLY1 activity, as well as a recent progress in the identification of NGLY1 deficiency-specific biomarkers.