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A commentary on “Patient-derived gene and protein expression signatures of NGLY1 deficiency”

The cytosolic peptide:N-glycanase (PNGase; NGLY1 in human and PNG1 in budding yeast) is a deglycosylating enzyme widely conserved in eukaryotes. Initially, functional importance of this enzyme remained unknown as the png1Δ mutant in yeast did not exhibit any significant phenotypes. However, the discovery of NGLY1 deficiency, a rare genetic disorder with biallelic mutations in NGLY1 gene, prompted an intensification of research that has resulted in uncovering the significance of NGLY1 as well as the proteins under its influence that are involved in numerous cellular processes. A recent report by Rauscher et al. (Patient-derived gene and protein expression signatures of NGLY1 deficiency. J. Biochem. 2022; 171: 187-199) presented a comprehensive summary of transcriptome/proteome analyses of various cell types derived from NGLY1 deficient patients. The authors also provide a web application called “NGLY1 browser”, which will allow researchers to have access to a wealth of information on gene and protein expression signature for patients with NGLY1 deficiency.