Whether you’re a researcher new to CDGs or a researcher who has been in the CDG community for years, CDG HUB is for you. Every cure odyssey begins with the same first step: knowledge. The purpose of CDG HUB is to be a one-stop content repository, a global online knowledge base for Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation.

CDG HUB is a resource for engaging scientific content that is produced by scientists and accessible to families without formal scientific training. Researchers will unleash their superpowers as allies, discoverers and collaborators when they share data, samples, protocols and budgets – all of which propels their CDG community on a critical path to the clinic. 

There are 100 CDGs and counting. New CDG research is published all the time, building on top of a foundation of previously published work. Where can researchers find concise reviews of each CDG subtype spanning molecular, cellular, physiological and clinical studies? Right here!

CDG HUG is launching at the 4th World Conference on CDG in Portugal with reviews of the scientific literature on 18 CDGs, focusing initially on the N-linked glycosylation pathway and the most common CDG subtypes. Over time, coverage of CDGs will expand and deepen.

In addition to serving as a one-stop repository for CDG scientific content, CDG HUB will also serve as a matchmaking platform where researchers can connect to other researchers, clinicians and families. Fill out this contact form and you’ll be notified by email whenever a researcher, clinician or family joins your CDG community.

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